Delivery of the first car Another new energy car company has crossed the delivery threshold

According to foreign media reports, on May 5 local time, American electric car manufacturer Fisker delivered its first electric car Ocean SUV to customers at its new factory in Copenhagen, Denmark.

In 2013, Henrik Fisker’s last start-up company, Fisker Automotive, went bankrupt. He then re-established the Fisker brand in 2016. Ocean is the first electric car of the Fiske brand. Fisker believes that this time is different as the electric vehicle supply chain develops and demand for zero-emission electric vehicles increases.

Since its debut at the 2022 Los Angeles Auto Show, Fisker’s Ocean SUV has generated considerable consumer interest, with total orders exceeding 63,000 in November. Fisker kept its word, kicking off Ocean production last November and planning to have Magna Steyr build up to 42,400 cars this year.

Fisker confirmed last month that the Ocean SUV had been certified by European regulators and that it was ready to deliver the Fisker Ocean One Launch Edition to customers.

Fisker has maintained this momentum and delivered the first Ocean SUV to customers on May 5 local time. Henrik Fisker delivered the car himself to the customer at the recently opened Fisker Center in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The Fisker Ocean One Launch Edition starts at $68,999 and is limited to 5,000 units. According to Fisker’s data, Ocean One adopts a dual-motor all-drive system and is currently the pure electric SUV with the highest cruising range in the European market, with a maximum cruising range of 707 kilometers.

Fisker expects to deliver all Ocean One models by the end of September, and to begin deliveries of Ocean Extreme models that same month. While Fisker is currently focusing on the top-of-the-line version of the Ocean, there are currently some lower-priced versions such as the Ocean Ultra ($49,999) and Ocean Sport ($37,499).

However, Fisker has not announced when the first models will be delivered to customers in the United States.