Electric hoist start and principle introduction

Electric hoist start and principle introduction

With the wide use of electric chain hoist, and now the continuous improvement of mechanical design, innovation is the source of power for the development of science and technology, is an important weight in the fierce competition of enterprises, innovation is a kind of “attitude”, we must always maintain such a posture, and constantly improve the product technical level, quality level, find customer needs, to meet customer needs. The principle of operation is also different for different mechanical designs.

In fact, for the electric hoist can know that the electric hoist in the operation of the first start lifting motor, lift the weight to the appropriate height, and then start running motor to transport the weight to the specified position, running car in the lower edge of the simu steel beam walking. When walking, an electric motor drives the wheels on both sides of the trolley. At the same time, with the development and progress of the society, we can know the development of the machinery industry, which is undoubtedly the core technology to master. Among them, the understanding of electric hoist also needs to pay attention to the principle of starting.

Electric hoist start and principle introduction

In the electric hoist can be known, which because of the walking speed is relatively small, so running car generally does not set braking mechanism. In order to prevent heavy objects from falling, an electromagnetic brake is set on the lifting mechanism. But for which in the early stage of the start of the internal main principle lies in the following starting steps: electric hoist from the start of the power supply, the principle of internal work: rotor speed from zero to rise to the rating process, according to the characteristics of DC electric hoist, its starting mode is commonly used full pressure start, string into the rheostat start and step-down start three.

When the armature winding is powered on, its current rises rapidly, resulting in startup counter, which drives the rotor to rotate and generates back electromotive force. As the rotor speed rises, the back electric motion increases, the armature current drops, the startup turn cabinet drops, and the rotor speed rises slowly. When the startup counter is equal to the load counter, the rotation speed area is stable, and the startup ends. The above is the process of starting the electric hoist.

For any mechanical line, there is a cycle and time of operation, not suitable for a long time of operation. For a long time of operation will cause mechanical damage and even the occurrence of accidents, but in the general operation if the electric hoist surface temperature is too high, so what kind of impact on the machinery, at the same time, a mechanical temperature is just too high so how to deal with the timely measures on machinery, we have to check what is the cause?

The first time to check whether it is because the electric hoist weight is too large, beyond the rated weight of the electric hoist. Excessive use of excess weight will cause excessive motor heating, long-term overload of the use of electric hoist will cause irreparable damage to the hoist. The motor is not overloaded and is still hot. Check whether the bearing of the motor is damaged. It is also necessary to check whether the motor works according to the prescribed working system, which is also one of the reasons for motor fever. When used, it should be strictly according to the working system of the motor.

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