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Embedded devices are gradually becoming an important part of everyone’s daily life

In recent years, the Internet of Things, 5G, and embedded devices have gradually become an important part of everyone’s daily life, and security has also begun to become a focus of attention. In the era of the Internet of Everything, embedded systems have been widely used and gradually penetrated into all aspects of our lives, ranging from wearable devices, videophones, smart home appliances, to automotive electronics, medical equipment, aerospace, smart cities, etc. Inseparable from the embedded system.

Embedded is an embedded system, which is defined by IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) as a device for controlling, supervising or assisting in the operation of machines and equipment. It is a special computer system; the definition of embedded system generally accepted in China It is a special-purpose computer system that is centered on applications, based on computer technology, and can be tailored to meet the strict requirements of the application system on function, reliability, cost, volume, and power consumption. From the definition of the application object, An embedded system is a combination of software and hardware, and can also include accessories such as machinery. As a part of the device or equipment, the embedded system is an embedded processor control board whose control program is stored in ROM.

The “Internet of Everything” allows all items to have the intelligence of a computer but does not appear in the form of a computer, and connects these items to the network, which requires the support of embedded technology. The definition of embedded is “a device for controlling, monitoring or assisting in the operation of machines and equipment”, which is a dedicated computer system as part of a device or equipment. Embedded is everywhere. It is very powerful and has a wide field. All devices with a digital interface, such as watches, cars, etc., use embedded systems. The Internet of Things allows our basic robots to have “life”, allowing the robots to know what to say, distinguish where is up, down, left, right, east, west, north, etc. Embedded technology is to integrate a “human” body into the soul.

In fact, the combination of the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence technology has such a level division in many fields, such as industry, home furnishing, robotics, etc. Most of the smart products or scenarios now only stay at the connection level. There is still a lot of space for the Internet in the Red Sea, which is why basically all leading companies have sunk into this field in recent years, because too many traditional industries need to be upgraded.

In the long run, embedded will only become more and more popular. With the development of the artificial intelligence era, embedded will surely usher in another wave and a huge change in technology. The more artificial intelligence wants to express the level of intelligence, the more it needs to rely on embedded technology, which will develop towards automatic control and human-computer interaction. Because of its small size, high reliability, strong functions, flexibility and convenience, and many other advantages, embedded technology will play an extremely important role in promoting technological transformation, product upgrading, accelerating the automation process, and improving production efficiency in various industries. .

Artificial intelligence cannot be without embedded development, just as it is impossible for humans to interact with the objective world relying on the brain. It can be said that embedded technology has started the process of artificial intelligence. To realize the behavior of artificial intelligence, embedded systems must also be used. At the current stage, the goal of artificial intelligence is not to allow machines to simulate all human behaviors, but to surpass the level of human experts in certain specific fields, so that machines can efficiently solve professional problems and provide practical services to humans. Intelligence, we call it: weak artificial intelligence. Intelligent tools such as Siri and AlphaGo that we are familiar with, that is, embedded application systems based on MCUs, are good examples. They have been around for over 40 years. It can be proudly said that single-chip microcomputers and embedded systems have started the historical process of artificial intelligence.

Embedded devices are gradually becoming an important part of everyone’s daily life

The Internet of Everything will be a new starting point for human civilization. Against this background, the talent pool in the embedded field must keep pace with the times. At present, the 5G network is not yet fully mature, and all application fields of the Internet of Things are still in their infancy. Of course, it is a very good choice for college students who have just graduated. Now they start to engage in this field. When the field matures, these people will be the first to eat crabs and will become industry leaders. will be theirs.

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