Kohlrabi production equipment

Kohlrabi production equipment

Kohlrabi production equipment, convenient kohlrabi equipment, seasoning kohlrabi equipment

Kohlrabi is a traditional pickled vegetable product. It is loved by consumers for its crisp quality, delicious taste and cheap quality.

Kohlrabi production equipment, convenient kohlrabi equipment, seasoning kohlrabi equipment salted kohlrabi through desalting, mixing, packaging, sterilization and other process equipment to produce spicy, umami, wide and other flavors of low salt, open bag ready to eat small packaging kohlrabi, convenient to carry.

Kohlrabi production equipment, convenient kohlrabi equipment, seasoned kohlrabi equipment production finished products meet the food hygiene standards, quality has the advantages of sweet, sweet, tender, crisp, with the unique aroma of kohlrabi, suitable for public taste, is a good meal. According to the actual situation of users, simple and complex equipment can be provided to meet the different needs of users.

Kohlrabi production equipment, convenient kohlrabi equipment, seasoning kohlrabi equipment can process convenient pickled mustard, convenient dry radish, convenient bamboo shoots, convenient edible fungi and other convenient sauce pickle series products.

Main features of kohlrabi dryer:

a. Compact structure, convenient operation, reliable use, easy disassembly and assembly. Installation is simple, as long as there are wind and rain conditions can be installed and used.

b. Clean, strong, high air volume, hot air, fast drying without sulfur, simulating the principle of natural air drying, natural color and natural flavor of the finished product.

c. High efficiency, drying efficiency is higher than a variety of heat source air heat pump oven oven several times, drying 1 ton of fresh material consumption is less than one tenth, drying time is greatly shortened, equipment purchase funds and labor.

d. Large amount of disposable materials, less purchase capital, good thermal insulation performance, and very low energy consumption.

e. The furnace of non-tubular indirect heating hot blast stove is made of boiler steel plate, which has strong corrosion resistance, fast heat transfer and service life several times longer than that provided by ordinary manufacturers. The fuel is fully burned.

f. Wide selection of heat sources, can use coal, firewood, diesel, natural gas, electricity, biomass particles as fuel. One-key ignition/one-key shutdown/automatic feeding/automatic temperature control/digital display, hot blast stove automatically runs according to the setting program, matching with relevant environmental protection, energy saving and heat source reduction.

Kohlrabi fast dryer ADAPTS to the needs of economic development in rural and mountainous areas, serves to revitalize the agricultural and sideline product processing industry in rural areas, and is generally used in the drying of agricultural and forest by-products, cash crops and other items. In addition to drying rice, wheat, corn and other grains and seeds, Also can dry all kinds of cash crops (such as cowpea, star anise, pepper, grass fruit, radish, fungus, edible fungi, wild vegetables, Chinese medicinal materials, cotton, peanuts, pepper, walnut, longan, melon seeds, ginger, garlic, konjac, bamboo shoots, pumpkin, FIG, lychee, banana slices, peach slices, red dates, apricot, preserved fruit, preserved fruit, cowpea, spices, etc.) And other articles (noodles, bamboo chopsticks, bamboo curtains, MATS, cocoons, etc.). It can be widely used in grain stations, seed companies, supply and marketing cooperatives, Chinese medicinal materials companies, farms, pastoral areas and other units.