Static level monitoring of settlement of outdoor foundation pit tunnel track bridge

PT500-SZY20 magnetostatic level main application:

Settlement monitoring of rail transit subgrade and subway supporting wall;
Tunnel upper mountain and building settlement monitoring;
Expressway subgrade, slope, pier settlement monitoring;
Settlement monitoring of foundation pit, nuclear power plant and hydropower station;
Foundation settlement monitoring of DAMS, water conservancy hubs and high-rise buildings;
Bridge, foundation, tunnel safety management;
Master the environment, traffic, structural stress and deformation parameters of monitoring objects;
Real-time assessment of bridge working state and prediction of bridge function changes;
To evaluate the signs and trends of structural performance degradation, so as to facilitate the maintenance unit to take timely maintenance measures;
Measure the state of support subsidence and the change of expansion joint
Measure the anchor plug position shift

Static level monitoring of settlement of outdoor foundation pit tunnel track bridge

Advantages of magnetostriction technology:
High sensitivity, high precision, good repeatability, high reliability, high protection, minimal temperature coefficient, small
The compact installation size is easy to install, anti-electromagnetic interference ability is strong, cost-effective and durable.

Name of model:

PT500: general size category
SZY20: specifications and models
100mm: displacement range
RS485: Output signal

PT500-SZY20 Magnetostrictive static level main technical parameters:
Measuring range: 0 ~ 100mm; 200mm; 300mm;
Comprehensive precision: ±0.1mm;
Non-linearity: ≤0.05%FS
Reduplication: ≤0.002%FS (sh 1μm)
Output signal: RS485-RTU
Update frequency: 10Hz
Power supply voltage: 24VDC(9 ~ 30VDC)
Operating current: <50mA(varies with range)
Life span: ≥1 million times
Insulation impedance: ≥1000 MΩ/100VDC
Ambient temperature: -40 ~ 70 ° C
Humidity: Humidity 90%, no condensation
Temperature coefficient: <30pp/C
Electrical connection: M12 waterproof electrical connector
Process connection: 10mm liquid pipe quick plug connector
Protection level: IP67
Connecting cable: five core shielded cable, standard length: 1 m
Dimensions: 100*100*277
Float specifications: 304 stainless steel material, 52 diameter float ball
Applicable medium: water or antifreeze and other random liquid (depending on the ambient temperature of the application installation area, ensure that the liquid does not freeze)