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Touch query the maintenance skills of the all-in-one machine

Touch machine manufacturers, teach you how to properly maintain touch query machine. With the wide application of touch query machine, it has become an irreplaceable main tool for media advertising and public information query. Because it occupies small space, mobile flexibility, simple operation, powerful function, long service life, the application field is more and more wide, common government affairs center, office hall, business hall, bank, hospital, library, shopping mall, power field, school, etc., although it is currently used more commonly, but many customers in the daily use of equipment, Ignoring the maintenance of the equipment and machinery, the correct cleaning and maintenance of the equipment can properly extend the service life of the equipment and reduce the occurrence of failures. Today, Toucher touch query system will share with you a few practical daily maintenance methods, hope to help you.

Touch query machine, after all, is an electronic device, mainly composed of electronic circuit and motherboard, control board, so in daily maintenance, pay attention to some details.

1, equipment in daily use, try to avoid frequent switching on and off, sudden power failure during operation, will cause certain damage to electronic components, hard disk error; In the power supply, keep working in a stable voltage environment, too low voltage, too high voltage will affect the performance of the equipment, but also affect the use experience and life.

2, the equipment is placed in a dry and ventilated environment, electronic equipment is more sensitive to humidity, once the internal moisture of the machine equipment will affect the line problem, resulting in short circuit of the line, affecting the service life of the equipment, so the use of the equipment environment should also pay attention to keep dry and ventilated.

3, touch query integrated machine, long-term operation in public places, can not avoid dust, dust accumulation will make the touch screen electrostatic phenomenon, will affect the use of the touch screen, affect the accuracy of the touch, need to regularly clean the device screen, the body. In cleaning, pay attention to, do not use chemical cleaners and other corrosive cleaners, choose a soft cloth, wring out the water gently wipe, avoid scratching the screen, to ensure that the equipment is clean and dry.

The above points are relatively simple daily maintenance methods, applicable to all businesses, simple local, can make the machine reduce the use of failure, extend the service life.

Maps can guide us in our direction, and the Urban Planning Exhibition Hall is a “miniature map” of a city. The urban Planning Exhibition Hall (exhibition hall), witnessing the development of a city, can feel the new changes of the city and witness the occurrence of human miracles.

In the urban planning exhibition Hall, the long history of the city and the great achievements of urban planning and construction are introduced and displayed in detail in the form of exhibition panels, sand table models, film and television information. Multi-faceted, multi-angle show the city’s history and bright future, everywhere permeated with the vitality of The Times. Then the touch control machine is an essential interactive device, which can cover the three-dimensional sand table model, pictures and text, and film and television information, the key is to interact with the audience, so that the audience can freely query their favorite information.

The content displayed in the planning museum is divided into the city overview map History Historical City protection plan construction achievements exhibition comprehensive transportation regional planning and other exhibition areas, the main exhibition city overall planning layout construction results ecological environmental protection planning planning science popularization and other overall planning directions. The Urban Planning Exhibition Hall is a “living narrator” using high-tech interactive projects. 4D film and television, interactive multimedia equipment, optoelectronic technology, means to create artistic effects and increase the pleasure of viewing.

Urban Planning Hall (exhibition hall) touch control machine, from the overall planning layout of the city, with high-tech touch effect to show the overall planning layout of a city, to achieve the combination of virtual and reality, create artistic effects, enhance the image of the entire exhibition hall.

Touch query the maintenance skills of the all-in-one machine