Ways to write an essay fast

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Ways to write an essay fast

My advice is to have enough time to write and leave yourself 1-3 months, mainly to set aside time to prepare. If you have experience, you can write it in 10 and a half days, but you also have to deal with slow reactions, memory loss, and rapid heartbeat after staying up late …… I have compiled some ways to complete your dissertation quickly::

1, do not overly entangled in the direction of the selected topic. Before writing the master’s thesis has completed the opening report, the significance and operability of the selected topic has been approved by all supervisors.

2. Read the literature efficiently, determine the framework of the dissertation, and read the literature with the highest relevance and gold content in the industry and at the forefront of the industry.

3. Focus on the big picture thesis writing concept. Write your dissertation quickly and be sure to look at the big picture. Don’t wait until you have read all the papers, all the issues are clear, and all the details are perfect before you start writing.

4. Make good use of Internet resources. You can make reasonable use of relevant content on platforms such as CSDN, GitHub, Zhihu, blogs, microblogs, b-stations, etc. Because many English papers have too much jargon that is difficult to understand, it will definitely bind people’s understanding and reduce the efficiency of the paper writing to some extent. At this time, please take a look at the relevant posts on these technical platforms. You will find programmers on their technical blogs are talking about the human touch, using pictures and words to guide you …… This is a shortcut.

5. Organize the whole text and improve the details to ensure that the whole paper is a systematic whole with coherent and logical content; also make sure that there are no typos, omissions, correct punctuation and no cited text or data errors; and finally adjust the format according to the specifications. Unobservability of the thesis can reduce its overall value.

What are the three realms into which master’s thesis writing can be divided?

The 25 golden rules for writing a good thesis

How to write a great dissertation fast?

You may think that the first step in writing a thesis is, of course, to start a topic! Yes, it is necessary to start the topic first. Or some people think that reviewing a lot of literature is the first step to writing a dissertation. But every time you find an extremely informative piece of literature, it is often very long and the content of the article is obscure, and spending a lot of time reading it does not help much. Is this what you do when you write a dissertation?

The right way to open writing an essay

In fact, if we write an essay the right way to open it, it does not take too much time to complete an essay. We recommend that you write the structure and table of contents of your paper as the first step in writing it. This way, during the subsequent writing process, the ideas will be clear. So you should not rush to read the literature after deciding on the topic, as this will waste a lot of time.

Often many students read a lot of literature, then start writing, and after writing half of it can not be written then go to new literature, may be the new literature will give you new ideas, but so the paper is written, theoretical and structural may not be very satisfactory. So you should list out the specific directions first, so that the paper you write will not be criticized by your tutor!

How to list the structure of your thesis

Where are you at now with your thesis progress? At this point in time, the progress of the dissertation of students from various universities should be at least at the stage of perfecting the first draft! If you haven’t started writing yet and have no ideas, try this method of mine and you should be able to complete a good thesis soon.

There are many things you need to prepare to complete your first draft, such as news logic, thesis outline, literature review, data analysis, data sources, etc. Generally we commonly use the following structure: research background, purpose and significance of the study, research ideas and research methods, relevant theories, current status of research in China, overview, theories, analysis of current situation and causes, brief development, survey and analysis, implications, suggestions for countermeasures, summary, acknowledgements, etc.

How to use references

After writing your entire essay line structure, the next step is to learn to use references smartly. Add your own ideas to the literature you have read without breaking the organization of your paper. If you are going to use the content of the references directly, remember to switch the order so that you can reduce your repetition rate.

How to write a paper fast?

Revise and rewrite, before making up the submission for re-examination.

What direction are you going to write your paper, did your teacher approve your topic, did you make an outline for your teacher to see the direction of your writing?
Did your teacher tell you which direction is better to write your paper? Before writing the paper, be sure to write an outline, so that the teacher, well determine the framework, to avoid a major change in the process of revising the paper later!
School format requirements, writing norms to pay attention to, otherwise it is likely to send back to change again, you have to still what do not understand or do not understand can ask me, I hope you can successfully graduate and move on to a new life.

According to the teacher’s comments and opinions carefully revised, so that you can successfully pass, and the data must be sufficient

A thesis is different from a general small thesis, especially a master’s thesis or a doctoral thesis. A typical small thesis is four or five pages, while a master’s thesis can easily be fifty or sixty pages, some even seventy or eighty pages. So something that would be a great pain to revise manually. There are at least two painful things: the automatic generation and numbering of the table of contents, and the superscripting of reference citations. In this article, we will talk about the tips from these two aspects, automatically generated, very convenient.
Let’s start with two painful situations.
After setting the structure of the article’s table of contents, suddenly found in the middle to add or delete a chapter, add or delete easy, but its after-effects are to follow the numbering changes. For example, to delete the second chapter, then the principle of the third chapter should be changed to the second chapter, the latter to follow the move, add the same, very troublesome.
Automatic generation of the directory is simple, switch the document to the outline view, and then set the outline level of the text you want to set as a directory. If the outline level is set to 1 level, then it is 1 level of the directory, we will generally set it to 3 levels, which will generate 1, 2, or 3 levels of the directory. After setting, where you want to insert the table of contents, click Insert – Reference – Index and Table of Contents. The format is just set under another.

1, Title of the paper: It is required to be accurate, concise, eye-catching, and novel.

2, table of contents: the table of contents is a brief list of the main paragraphs in the paper. (Short papers do not need to list the table of contents)

3, summary: is an excerpt of the main content of the article, requiring short, precise, and complete. The number of words can be less than a few dozen words, more than 300 words is appropriate.

4, Keywords or subject words: The keywords are selected from the title, abstract, and body of the paper, and are the words that have substantial significance to the central content of the paper.
The keywords are used as words for the systematic citation of the content features of the paper, so as to facilitate the collection of information systems for readers to search. In general, 3-8 words are selected as keywords for each paper and are listed on a separate line at the bottom left of the abstract.
The keywords are standardized words, and when determining the keywords, the paper should be themed and converted into standardized words in the list of keywords in accordance with the rules of citation and grouping.

5, Body of the paper:
(1) Introduction: The introduction, also known as the preface, preamble, and introduction, is used at the beginning of the paper. The introduction should generally outline the author’s intention, explain the purpose and significance of the chosen topic, and point out the scope of the paper. The introduction should be short, concise, and tightly focused on the topic.
(2) Body of the paper: The body of the paper is the main body of the paper, which should include the argument, the arguments, the process of proof, and the conclusion.
The main part includes the following:

  • a. Presentation – thesis;
  • b. Analysis of the problem-arguments and arguments;
  • c. Problem-solving – argumentation and steps;
  • d. Conclusion.

6, The reference of a paper is the main literature that can be referred to or cited in the paper in and writing, listed at the end of the paper. References should be on a separate page, marked in accordance with the “GB7714-87 rules for the entry of references after the text.
Chinese: title – author – publication information (edition place, edition author, edition date): author – title – publication information
The requirements for the listed references are: 
(1) The listed references should be official publications so that readers can examine them.
(2) The listed references should indicate the serial number, title of the book or article, author, and publication information.